Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Waterfowl of North America Project"

I wanted to write a bit about a project that I think is both a very good idea and an excellent educational tool. It's called The North American Waterfowl Project. This project is being spearheaded by Kevin Booth, who I first met on a hunting trip to Alaska several years ago. Since then, Kevin and myself have kept up with each other, and he's actually finishing the Utah waterfowl season hunting over one of my carved blue bills from the TRAVELING DECOY RIG.

Considering his passion for both waterfowl and the heritage and tradition of waterfowl hunting, Kevin is the perfect person for this project.

Kevin's the one holding the immature Drake King Eider he shot out of a layout boat on the hunt we met on:

Please follow the link - The North American Waterfowl Project - for an overview of the project.

It's my hope you'll book mark his blog, as it will be a very interesting project to see to fruition.

Thanks, Justin

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