Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magellan and the Traveling Decoy Rig

Sometime ago, while reading different duck hunting talk forums, I noticed many had a "traveling decoy" that the guys would ship around and hunt over.  By all accounts, this type of thing was really popular at every site visited.  I emailed a few folks that I've hunted with off DuckSouth to see if there'd be interest in both hunting over one of my hand carved decoys, along with trying to pull off the Traveling Decoy idea.  There seemed to be a tremendous amount of interest, so I started carving the decoy that has become known as "Magellan".  Due to the overwhelming response, and thanks to my very good friend Ramsey Russell, owner of GETDUCKS - It's Duck Season Somewhere, it was decided to go one step further - a Traveling Decoy Rig.

To that end, 9 Decoys have been carved to be hunted over across the US and Canada:

1) Greenhead Mallard - Magellan
2) Blue Bill/Scaup
3) Greenwing Teal
4) Harlequin
5) Barrows Goldeneye
6) Blackduck
7) Common Eider
8) Canvasback
9) Redhead

Magellan has already hunted North Dakota, Missouri, and is currently at my camp L'Anguille Lounge Duck Club Facebook Page being shot over.  By all accounts, the shooting has been good at L'Anguille this opening weekend.  He will hunt with approximately 20 different groups from DuckSouth over approximately 6 different states. 

The Scaup will see action on in Louisiana, Mississippi and the Great Salt Lake.

The Greenwing will be hunted over in Louisiana and Mississipi, with Florida a possibility.

The Harlequin and Barrows have been shipped to Captain Tim Bouchard, owner and guide for ALASKA WILDFOWL ADVENTURES to spend the season up there.

The Blackduck is currently being hunted in the salt marshes of South Carolina, and will also be hunted in the Virginia/Maryland area, Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, and will be used in Rhode Island by Captain Bryan Rhodes, owner and guide for THE SWAMPERS WATERFOWL GUIDE SERVICE.

The Eider will also hunt Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Nova Scotia as well.

The Canvasback will hunt South Louisiana, Mississippi, and possibly also the Great Salt Lake.

And, lastly, the Redhead (which will be finished this week) will be hunted over in South Texas with my friend Mike's a strong possibility I'll hand deliver the decoy to Mike and hunt over it myself. 

There you have it, the 2010/2011 TRAVELING DECOY RIG.

Check back for updates, hunt stories, recipes, photos and anything else we can dig up.


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