Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"From 150 to 5, Magellan at Willow Break Day 2" by Jeffrey Estes


Jeffrey Estes
Tad "Tadpole" Williams

Date: Sept 21, 2010
Temp: 68 F

Wind: West 5mph

Location: Duckhole Blind, Willow Brake

On the ride back to camp yesterday, we found about 150 teal in duckhole. It seemed like every teal on the club was in that hole, which would make for a quick limit the following day. Pierce and Provance were a little under the weather and decided to pass on the morning's hunt. It took a good 20 minutes to get "Tadpole" motivated enough to get up and go hunt, even after telling him about all the teal spotted from the day before.

After getting setup, we didn't have any action until 15 minutes after shooting time started. We had 3 come in low on the deck, about 2 feet off the water. We knocked down all 3, but one got up and left by some sort of a miracle. Ten minutes later a single comes in the same way and was dropped at about 15 yds, a few feet from Magellan. Another ten minutes passes until another single swings into the dekes and was folded by "Tadpole". We sat there another hour before calling it quits, hoping that all those birds would show up. Why only five decided to show this morning, no one knows ...

Magellan in the spread:

Tad with a handful:

Magellan with some Blue Wing Teal:

Jeff and Tad after the hunt:

THANKS Jeff and Tad for your hunt over Magellan.  These two show up again later in the season for a fantastic hunt.  Hope everyone enjoys the stories, check back often - Justin

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