Thursday, February 24, 2011


I shouldn't do this, but if a parent isn't proud of his children, they aren't doing their job.

Today, we're going to take a break from hunting stories and the like, and we're gonna give my daughter Lila Dale Harrison her moment.  She's up for "photo of the year" on Allison Muirhead's Photography site.  Allison has been taking her photos for a while now.  The photo you're voting on (I hope) is one taken during a session when Lila was 4 months old.  She's 16 months now, doing a lot of talking, walking, running and basically just checking out this big ole world.

In any case, there are 2 ways to vote, and you can vote each way ONE TIME A DAY.  So, that's 2 votes for Lila a day possible.

First way is to go to which is Allison's blog site and click on the entry entitled "CONTEST".  Simply scroll down to the comment section, enter name and email addy, and VOTE FOR #6 - Lila is photo number 6 and submit.

The second way is to go to!/pages/Allison-Muirhead-Photography/146250532098863 which is Allison's Facebook page.  You have to say you "like" her page, then click on "contest photos", the Lila's photo (second row, second from Left - or 6th photo if going left to right).  At that point, click on "comment" and simply type "vote".

THANKS TO EVERYONE and remember, you can vote each way, once a day until the end of the contest, giving 2 votes per day.

Megan and Myself, along with Lila, wanna tell ya'll thanks for the support!


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