Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Magellan Visits the L'anguille Lounge Duck Club"

On November 20-21 Magellan visited the L'anguille Lounge Duck Club.  As it so happens, this was the opening weekend of the Arkansas duck season.  Altough work prevented me from taking Magellan myself to hunt over him at the club, there was no doubt were he would be that weekend.  Opening weekends are always good hunts for us at the LLDC, and this one was no exception.  There are a few things which must be done on the way though, one of which is a visit to the "package store" on the way up:

Magellan in front of the Country Liquor Store
Photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell

After that, everyone settles in for the other opening weekend traditions at the camp:

Photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell

Magellan in his 'bed' - photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell

Pat and Magellan watching something Tennessee, or Mash,
or 2 and a Half Men, or, or, or

Lastly, it wouldn't be a trip to the LLDC without Magellan visiting the famed "Millhouse Dead Mount".  Legend has it, about 3 years ago, this was the only pair of ducks anyone knew without a doubt my buddy "Millhouse" actually shot...so goes the legend anyhow.

Millhouse's Dead Mount - photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell.

And now, the hunts:

DATE:  11/20/2010
TEMP: 40ish
WEATHER: foggy, south wind, full moon
LOCATION: LLDC Riley East pit
KILLS: 2 mallards, 1 pintail, 11 teal, 10 shovelers, 6 specs, 2 snows
FRIENDS: Ramsey, Forrest, and Duncan Russell and David Hurlbut
DOGS: Delta

Photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell

The day was perfectly slow, with duck limits by 11 a.m.  The Russell sons shot excellent, and Hurlbut put on a clinic.  Everyone shot hens except me (Ramsey).  Great morning, unless you were a duck.

(L to R) Duncan, Forrest, David - photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell

Photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell


DATE: 11/21/2010
TEMP: 50ish
WEATHER: overcast, south wind, full moon
LOCATION: LLDC Wampler Field pit
KILLS: mallards, pintails, greenwing teal, specs, and snows
FRIENDS: Pat and Patrick Pitt, Mark Barnett, Robert "Millhouse" Hillhouse, Dave Hurlbut
DOGS: Lottaboom and Woodrow

Thousands of birds roosting made it a tough morning.  While passing on shovelers all morning long, we managed to kill 19 mallards, pintails, and greenwings.  We also managed to kill 2 specs and 3 snows.  Patrick's "Lottaboom" and Millhouse's "Woodrow" made quick work of the retrieves.

Photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell

Photo courtesy of Ramsey Russell

Many thanks to the guys of LLDC for the quick recap of the hunt and the photos.

Be sure to check back often as we'll review the first couple of days of the Mississippi opener and visit more South Mississippi delta haunts.
THANKS - Justin

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