Friday, May 13, 2011

"Magellan Hunts the Black Compound"

DATE: 1/2/2011
LOCATION: Black's West Blind, Tallahatchie County
WEATHER: 28 degrees, North wind at 10-15 mph, clear
KILLS: 3 Greenheads and 1 Hen Mallard, 1 Wood duck drake, 5 Green Wing Teal, 5 Shovelers
FRIENDS: Wayne Black, Mitch Black, Chris Reed, Darron Anderson

The ducks are roosting on us and heading to the "Irby Woods", so at daylight we watched thousands leave.  Like they have all week, ducks swarmed the woods like bees and those hunters were through quick.  We could only scratch a wood duck and a couple of teal early.  At eleven o'clock they started coming back.  We had until noon to get what we could get before Chris had to leave for a game warden meeting.  Between eleven and twelve, we landed a single, a pair, a group of 8 and were about to land 20-something when dad started whacking at the kamikaze duck without seeing the group.  I broke a pin in my gun and never fired a shot.  The hard cross wind played it's toll on the three other hands.  One mallard out of all that is embarrassing.  Glad I wasn't missing.  Magellan got to see more ducks than he probably cared to see over the woods, and is happy to head North.  See you later in January at Beaver Dam!

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