Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The Usual Suspects"

You ever really want to write about something but it's so special to you, you can't find the words:???

For over a decade, I have had a particular weekend that I want to tell everyone about, but it's so much fun, so special, and so private, I simply can't find the right words to do it justice.

We collectively call it "SuperHunt".

Really, it's nothing more than a group of high school friends that make a point to get together for a weekend hunt, plus some college additions that fell into the fold, very nicely I might add.  The emails generally start in mid-January and we've typically questioned each other's manhood and wondered where the other guys wife keeps his testicles - purse or kitchen cabinet.

We do eat good though:

2" thick steaks, compliments of "Stool"
I can tell you, the dude on the right is being very tolerant of those on the left.
"Chunk" doing, well, I dunno actually

 One of the more disturbing photos I've ever taken...seriously.

And we actually do kill turkeys....sometimes:

The Usual Suspects - they stole all the bad from my youth and replaced it with great memories and countless stories.  At the core, they inspire alot of what I write and are the most unlikely of heros....just a simple bunch of friends:
 [T to B, L to R]: Stool, Chunk, Skillet
Les, Ponder, PeeWee, Buff Magic, Nigel

Thanks for reading about my favorite weekend of the year...

Have a great weekend everyone.  Take a little time to get outside, Justin


Keith said...

I'm ready to "donkey stomp" some longbeards!!!

Unknown said...

Hee haw! They donkeys are coming to town. I'm ready!