Monday, March 7, 2011

"Magellan Migrates Back to Arkansas"

I'm going to group Jeff's first two hunts together, then give the third hunt it's own posting.

DAY 1, 12/07/2010

LOCATION: Reservoir Pit, Waldenburg, AR
TEMPERATURE: 27 degrees
WEATHER: North wind 8-10 mph, clear and sunny
KILLS: 1 drake shoveler
FRIENDS: Jeff Estes, Tad "tadpole" Williams, Ryan "IronGrip" Bianchini, HR Hunter

Notation at top of journal page reads: Ryan "Broke Weak"

I invited Tad and Ryan up for the opener of the second split of Arkanasas season.  The fields froze up overnight, which made for major problems.  The birds were sitting on the reservoir and not moving very much at all.  Ryan hadn't pulled the trigger on a bird, so he had the first chance on the first bird in the decoys.  It happened to be a "hollywood" some three hours into the hunt.  We had agreed not to shoot any bootlips, but Ryan "broke weak".  The bird fell some 200 yards away.  I ran Hunter on the blind, and he lined it, returning with Ryan's trophy...and, his first bird of the season.

DAY 2, 12/11/2010

LOCATION: Reservoir Pit, Waldenburg, AR
TEMPERATURE: 42 degrees
WEATHER: Southeast wind at 10-15 mph and cloudy
KILLS: 1 drake green wing teal
FRIENDS: Jeff Estes and HR Hunter

I had been struggling all week trying to kill birds over Magellan.  I forgot him on Wednesday, and we killed 4 limits (editors note: Jeff, you do realize you had only one thing to do TAKE HIM HUNTING.)  Birds have been flying sky high, and hitting a particular field for 5 straight days.  I'd estimate roughly 10,000 birds, maybe more.  When the birds left the reservoir, we all knew where they were going.  I managed to get 2 teal in the decoys, getting one of those on the strap.  It has been a tough week for the clubs pits on the farm.  If you weren't West of the reservoir, you were not going to pull the trigger much.

Check back later this week for the final hunt for Jeff and Magellan.



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