Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GRAND PASSAGE - Magellan at Willow Break (Day 1)

If I told you the most important thing concerning the annual Willow Break Teal Hunt and Social was shooting teal, well, I'd be lying. As DuckSouth (the message board that most hunting over Magellan are members of) it became apparent that many on the board were either cut from common cloth or needed a place to meet and air out differences. For my part, I've been on both sides of those fences, but have never been left out. The truth of the matter is, I owe the guys running DuckSouth.com and Willow Break an awful lot - particularly when it comes to counting friends.

With that in mind, it seemed only fitting that I'd be, not only the first to hunt over Magellan, but to do so at Willow Break.

Like I said, the hunt is the after thought. Temps that are slowling falling, breezes that find there way out of the North for a day or so, last weeks dove hunt, what's on the grill, and will the ducks "get down" this year are the talk. To that end, Willow Break never fails to deliver:

Willow Break Teal Social

After that, all that was left was to shoot some teal.

On the Water

Sam, Jeff and Magellan

The birds chose not the cooperate that day though if you look, one blue wing was shot over Magellan, thus making it debut all the more worthwhile. No, the birds didn't fly, but it didn't matter. After a year long hiatus, three men were acting like kids...and having the conversations to boot.

More to come, Justin

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