Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Custom Hunt"

If I was pressed, I could probably right for days on end about this mornings hunt. But, really very little needs to be said. I've hunted most of the continent of North America, killing many species along the way. Somc being birds that ninety percent of the hunting community may never even see, much less harvest. Yet, today's hunt is by far the most memorable hunt I've ever experienced.

I took one decoy - the first one I ever carved, a call I hand turned and tuned fashioned after duck calls of long ago, and my dog who I train almost everyday I'm not at work...and shot a limit of mallards, stopping short of a full 6 bird limit just to say I did. I figure I owed that to the birds today.

Custom Hunt

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Keith said...

Impressive my friend - You get'n good with that camera!